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3 Common Dishwasher Problems & What To Do

The vast majority of the time, your white goods and appliances will work perfectly and you won’t have anything to worry about but as soon as a problem does rear its head, you realise just how reliant you are on these machines… so knowing how to troubleshoot common issues can certainly be helpful.

Where dishwashers are concerned, one of the biggest problems you are likely to encounter is bad odours and smells emanating from the appliance - and the good news is that this is a very easy fix. All you need to do is clean the filter! These can be removed easily, so just give them a quick rinse once a week or so.

You may also notice from time to time that your dishes are coming out with bits of food still stuck to them. Firstly, make sure you rinse your plates to give the dishwasher a helping hand but if it becomes seriously problematic, unclog the spray arms by unclipping them from the machine and giving them a good scrub.

Leaks can also happen occasionally but again, this is an easy fix - all you need to do is see if the seals around the door are faulty and need to be replaced. There may also be an issue with the hinges, so check these as well.

Of course, you may find that there’s something wrong with your appliance that you can’t diagnose or which you don’t have the skills and experience in place to deal with appropriately - in which case, Portsmouth dishwasher repairs company Same Day Appliance Repairs can come out to find out what’s going on. Just give us a call if and when you need us.

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