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3 Common Extractor Hood Problems

Most modern kitchens are now fitted with an extractor hood, which draws away moisture and cooking smells. You probably don’t give it too much thought until it stops working properly and your kitchen looks like a steam room! Here’s a few common problems with extractor hoods and what you can do about them.

1. The Fan is Emitting a Bad Smell. This common problem usually means the grease filter needs cleaning or replacing. The aluminium mesh can be removed and cleaned with hot water and washing-up liquid. The filters are usually made of disposable paper, and replacements can be ordered or bought in large supermarkets and cut to size.

2. The Hood Light has Stopped Working. Most modern hood extractors are fitted with lights. The purpose of these is only to light the hob while you cook, so if you have been using it as a general light source while you carry out other activities, or just not switching it off, the bulb will have probably blown.

Make sure you only use the light while you cook on the hob to prevent overheating, and consult the manual for instructions on replacing the bulbs.

3. The Airflow is Weak or Non-Existent. If the airflow doesn’t seem to be up to scratch, try cleaning out or replacing the filters, as above, and check to see if the outside vents are blocked. If the appliance still works poorly or not at all, then it might need a new motor. If you are experienced in electrical repairs, you could tackle this yourself.

However, it is risky for an untrained person to deal with electrical repairs themselves, as faulty work could cause more damage and even a fire hazard. It would be best to contact a domestic appliance repair specialist.

If you are looking for domestic appliance repairs in Portsmouth or Southsea, get in touch today.

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