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Do You Have A Repair Fund?

If you’re buying your own home, you’re likely to be focusing on saving the money you need for your deposit and any immediate costs associated with moving. However, as an article for the Independent recently pointed out, expenses as a homeowner don’t end once you’ve paid your deposit and moved in.

This means it’s advisable to have a repair fund saved up before you move in, and it’s something that you should aim to top up regularly once you’re settled too.

The newspaper noted that repairing appliances yourself is only cost effective if you have the right skills to do it properly.

If you’re not sure, or it involves electricity, gas or plumbing, you should call in a professional for your appliance repair in Portsmouth or wherever you live.

In terms of your repair fund, it’s sensible to save up a few thousand pounds that you can dip into if something unexpectedly breaks or if you run into other issues with your property.

Another top tip is to find out how old the major appliances in your new home are. Once you know this, you can estimate how much life they might have left in them and begin saving for a replacement.

It’s also important that you don’t postpone maintenance on your major appliances, because paying out a little for services and small repairs can save you having to splash out on much larger repairs at a later date.

Some of these tasks might be ones you can complete yourself. As we recently pointed out in terms of fridge freezers, cleaning the seal and the doors, as well as the drip drain can help keep it operating properly. Regularly defrosting both the fridge and freezer is also advisable.

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