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Five Ways To Damage Your Microwave

Microwave ovens have been an invaluable tool in busy households where taking a long time to make meals is often not an option. But although they can be really handy for getting hot food on the table faster, there are many things that can go wrong with them.


The most common microwave calamity involves metal. Accidentally putting something metallic in there can lead make your mealtime go with a bang, which means you have to be super careful.

To muddy the waters somewhat, it is worth noting there are some metals that can be safely used in microwaves, like aluminium foil. To be safe, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions.

It isn’t just mishaps with metal that can lead to people needing microwave repairs in Portsmouth, however. Which Magazine has listed a number of foods where things can go wrong. It isn’t just that some can create a mess (like an egg in its shell), but some can truly cause damage.

Green veg

Green veg like spinach or kale, which should be cooked in water, can cause a fire if you try to microwave it when dry.

Paper bags

Paper bags can also burst into flames, as they lack the coatings deliberately inserted into popcorn bags that are designed to soak up the microwaves.

Wheat bags

Even some things designed to be heated in a microwave, like wheat bags, can burst into flames if you keep them running for too long.


Apart from all that, you can actually damage a microwave by running it with nothing in it. When there is a little time on the clock it may seem like no ham can be done by inadvertently turning it on again after taking the contents out.

However, this causes the waves to be diverted into the oven, causing damage over time or, in extreme cases, leading to fire.

So, while microwave ovens can be amazingly handy, it’s very important to take care over what you put in them - and, indeed, to make sure there is something in there.

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