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How Often Do You Clean Your Microwave?

During the lockdowns that the UK has been subjected to this year, many people have been cleaning their homes more than usual, but it seems there are certain places, particularly where our appliances are concerned, where we’re not being quite as thorough.

Berkshire Live recently reported on the findings of a survey by Oliver’s Kitchen, which revealed that as many as eight in ten Brits admitted that they have never deep cleaned their microwave. This made the microwave the least-cleaned appliance in most people’s kitchens.

In addition, some two-thirds said that they haven’t cleaned their oven in the past year. Another area that isn’t cleaned as thoroughly as it should be is chopping boards, with 73 per cent of those questioned acknowledging that they don’t thoroughly clean a cutting board after using it for raw meat.

Founder of Oliver’s Kitchen Oliver Warburton told the news provider that he was surprised by some of the findings from the survey.

“I’m just hoping this is a lack of knowledge and inexperience in the kitchen rather than indifference as poor hygiene can make people really unwell,” he stated.

We recently shared some of the best DIY cleaning agents for your appliances, so there’s no excuse to leave them in a poor state of repair. In fact, failing to regularly clean your appliances could shorten their life, so it’s worth taking the time to clean your kitchen appliances regularly.

One of our top tips is to make your own grease cleaner using two tablespoons of oil mixed with three tablespoons of baking powder. When combined, these ingredients will dissolve grease stains.

If you need microwave repairs in Portsmouth, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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