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How to clear out and defrost your freezer

The aftermath of Christmas can be a great time to start sorting out your home appliances, many of which will have been worked very heavily during the festive season. This may be particularly true of your freezer, which is likely to need a good clean.

As with your fridge, it is likely this appliance will have been rammed to almost overflowing with frozen food. For most households, at the centre of this will have been the turkey, while the sprouts, potatoes, pigs in blankets and much else will also have taken up space.

Once defrosted, cooked and consumed, they will leave behind a big space and now might be the perfect time to get that freezer sorted out. After all, many an appliance will also contain plenty of other food items that were not bought with a big day in mind and will have been sitting there for a very long time. Even when frozen, some foods can only stay edible for so long.

Emptying the freezer and deciding what to keep and what to chuck out is only the start, however. This is the time to defrost and deep clean it all.

If your freezer is located in the kitchen, place some towels and newspaper on the floor to soak up any melting ice. The crucial step is to allow plenty of time for defrosting; attempting to clear out the ice by hacking and scraping at the ice and can cause unwanted damage.

Similarly, don’t yank out trays stuck in the ice, but allow them time to get loose as the ice melts.

Once this is done, you can extract the trays and wash them, as well as using lots of soap and water to clean out the inside of your freezer.

When all that is finished you can then return the contents to the freezer, ideally in an orderly manner so you have some idea where you can find them.

By doing this well, you can ensure a clean, undamaged and organised freezer that’s good to go in 2021.

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