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How To Correctly Use Your Washing Machine

It should be a simple enough task to put a load of washing on, but often modern washing machines can feel they need a PhD to figure out all the controls and different options. Never mind the hieroglyphics that washing instructions on clothes are written in!

Using the wrong settings on your washing machine could mean you’re wasting money unnecessarily. It’s also important to keep your machine clean to ensure you’re getting your clothes washed properly and to avoid having a stinky machine.

Selecting the right washing cycle and water temperature is not only essential for making sure your clothes are washed and cared for, but it can also save money on your utility bills, and help look after the environment too.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right setting for your washing load.

Cold washes (20-30 degrees)

For dark colours and delicate fabrics, cold washes are best. It’s also ideal for lightly soiled clothes, such as office wear (or work from home wear!).

Warm washes (40-50 degrees)

Synthetic fabrics need a warmer wash. This is best for coloured clothing that is more heavily soiled.

Hot washes (60 degrees+)

Hot washes are perfect for white cotton fabrics that are worn close to the body - underwear, socks, and bed linens.

Delicate, hand wash, or wool cycle

This is the washing machine equivalent of hand-washing, and best for fragile items such as lingerie, lace, and silk.

Normal cycle

The most intense washing option, with temperature options, is best for everyday items like sheets, t-shirts, socks and underwear - anything made from cotton, linen, and durable synthetics.

Rinse and spin

This simply rinses and then spins out the excess moisture, but does not use detergent.

Rapid wash or speed wash

A short wash cycle and a high-speed spin is ideal for those last-minute school uniform washes, but not ideal for heavily soiled items.

If your machine is not working at its best, and you need washing machine repair in Portsmouth, get in touch!

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