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How To Get Your Appliances Gleaming For Christmas

Christmas is the time when our appliances need to be at their best. Between the amount of cooking and food preparation we do for the day, as well as all the dishes to be washed and made sparkling, our appliances are unsung heroes of the day.

Given how odd our year has been, we don’t know exactly what Christmas will look like, but the time to start preparing is now.

Much like we start our shopping lists and dinner preparation early, it is important to make sure your appliances are working flawlessly. Thankfully, a few simple tips will keep your appliances working perfectly.

A Clean Oven Is An Efficient Oven

Your oven will get the most work over Christmas and possibly because of this can sometimes be neglected when it comes to cleaning, which can lead to them not heating properly or even breaking down.

Thankfully, this is a matter that is often solved simply via a deep clean. Make sure you place newspaper or paper towels on the floor around the cooker, and then spray with an oven cleaner, leaving it to soak in. Make sure to avoid the pilot light, cooking element and/or fan.

Some people swear by a paste made using baking soda and vinegar, but if you plan on using this, leave it on over night. Also, since you are dealing with both grease and powerful grease cutting elements, make sure you wear rubber gloves and eye protection.

Keeping Your Fridge Working

The first thing to try and avoid, as hard as it is near Christmas, is having your fridge too full up. As a fridge needs to have enough room for the cool air to flow around it, when it is blocked some areas of the fridge end up warmer than others.

Make sure to check the frost as well. It can be worth defrosting the fridge and freezer before christmas, but make sure you do if you have about 6mm of ice building up.

If you happen to have a problem before the big day, we offer apppliance repairs in Southsea and the surrounding area.

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