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How To Keep Your Appliances Going For Longer

Appliances are built to last quite a long time. Many of the white goods that take pride of place in our kitchens are built to last years if not over a decade.

Most of the time we are thinking of replacements before we consider how long our appliances last. Dishwashers last nine years on average, with full-sized refrigerators lasting 13 years, according to a study on home appliance life expectancy.

With the current circumstances affecting our white good purchases, as well as the potential for shortages, more people are trying to keep their humble machines working for longer as well as opting for appliance repair in Southsea and across the country.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your appliances for longer.

Don’t Overfill Them

We’ve all done it. We’ve tried to fill the fridge to the brim after a big shop, added a very large load of washing to our washing machines or filled the dishwasher with all of the cutlery.

This can cause a lot of damage and wear to your machines. Fridges need enough air around to circulate cold air, a heavier load of washing wears down the belt and dishwashers are nowhere near as effective when overfilled.

Keep Them Clean

Specifically, make sure the filters are free of dust and dirt does not build up in your dishwasher. This will not only help them last longer but also work better.

Avoid Overusing Them

Switch off appliances when possible, not only to avoid wasting electricity but to save on wear and tear on appliances that can happen when they are idling.

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