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‘Right To Repair’ Law To Take Effect This Summer

Greater protection will be given to consumers for white goods under new rules which will come into force this summer, the BBC News website reports. The legislation will oblige manufacturers to provide spare parts for appliances such as fridges and washing machines. The rules are being implemented across the EU, and also being adopted by the UK.

It is hoped that the change in practice will save the average household about £75 a year on bills. This will come about through a combination of appliances lasting up to 10 years longer, and a simplification of the energy efficiency labelling system. Currently, the labels class goods on an A+, A++, or A+++ basis, but this has now become a simpler A-G scale.

Emilie Carmichael from the Energy Saving Trust said: "Simplifying the way energy efficiency is displayed on labels will help consumers to make more informed choices to reduce their energy consumption and bills."

It is estimated that the new rules will help the government meet the 2050 carbon net zero target, by reducing emissions and cutting down on the 1.5 million tonnes of electrical waste that is generated every year in the UK.

Philip Dunne MP, chairman of the Commons Environmental Audit Committee, said: “Cracking down on planned obsolescence in electrical items is key to tackling the e-waste tsunami. We must stop using and disposing quite so much: we must take action if we are to protect the environment for generations to come.”

Consumers have been complaining for decades that electrical goods such as tumble-dryers, microwaves, and freezers are breaking down as soon as the guarantee period is over, usually only a few years, and it is better value to replace them than to have them repaired. From summer 2021, manufacturers will be legally obliged to make spare parts available.

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