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Tips On How To Descale A Kettle

Living in a hard water area means the limescale build-up in your appliances, such as kettles, dishwashers, and washing machines can cause havoc, leading to them breaking down or not doing the job they are designed for.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, tea-loving Brits waste enough water when brewing up to fill 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools a day by boiling twice the amount of water needed. 23 per cent of tea-drinkers fear that their cuppa might taste a bit ‘limescaley’ if they only boil enough water for their mug.

If you do struggle with limescale in your kettle, there are several methods to clean it, but for a quick way that doesn’t require the purchase of specialist de-scaling products and only takes 30 minutes, then read on!

A secret ingredient is needed, which for once isn’t vinegar. While the popular cleaning ingredient is great for many areas of the home, it does take a while to work on limescale, and no one wants the lingering odour of vinegar in their kettle afterwards.

The secret in gradient powdered citric acid. This is the active ingredient in commercial de-scaling products, so save money on buying specialist products and use food-grade citric acid instead.

Simply boil your kettle and add two to four tablespoons of the citric acid powder (or a sachet, if that's the format you're buying it in) to the boiled water. Leave it then to soak for 25 minutes. You will see some fizzing action. Then just empty and rinse.

You can also use citric acid for freshening up your washing machine, cleaning shower tiles and your shower head. It's as useful around the house as baking soda.

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