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What Not To Put In Your Washing Machine

There are many calamities that can occur when you put things in the washing machine. Whether it is putting red items in with whites so that the latter come out pink, or fabrics that will be wrecked, the washing machine is undoubtedly the wrong place to put some things.

However, it is not just the things you put in that can come to harm. Some mishaps can lead to the machine itself being damaged.

Our engineers see many things when they carry out washing machine repairs in Portsmouth, but while some problems are mechanical failures or the effects of wear and tear, others are definitely avoidable.

According to, the worst things to insert include many items you might think nothing of putting in - like zippers. Anything with a zip should be pulled up to the top, as a loose zip can catch in the drum and cause damage, scratch the glass front and occasionally even break it.

Bras can also cause damage, if they are wired, as these can catch on the drum. It’s a good idea to put it in a mesh bag.

Money is often a problem. The advent of plastic bank notes has helped prevent one kind of disaster (even the lesser-spotted £50 note will be issued in polymer from this year), but loose coins in pockets can also bring calamity as these can be even more abrasive than zips and hooks.

Overloading is another move that can put your washing machine under strain, while using too much detergent is a major problem, as this can damage the control panel.

Of course, we’ve seen all of these problems and more down the years, but there is no doubt that taking care of your washing machine by being careful what you load into it can save you a lot of trouble in the longer run.

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